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OK, finally things have slowed a bit, so I wanted to provide you some feedback on these gloves. Of course as in most of the comment and feedback you have received I will also start by saying that I appreciate your patients and understanding in dealing with all the questions, inquiries and just play annoying questions I had to ask. First when you buy over the web, sight un-seen you have questions, and then buying from a company you have little prior experience with, it makes it that much tougher.

Tischa, you were responsive to all e-mails in a timely fashion and Scott was a pleasure to talk to on the phone and discuss the concepts, ideas and future development of Battram's products. You both helped me decide on what I wanted and the design that would work best without being suggestive. You were there for guidence only, in the decision process.
OK, now the arrival of the product. I was out of town when my wife called and said I received a package. I was really curious on what my new gloves would look like. I then wondered... would my gloves be in the picture gallery by any chance. Of course they were, so I was able to see the gloves prior to getting home and opening the box and of course that helped make the wait more barable.

So I get home and open the box. The gloves look great at first glance. As I have had time to check them out in more detail I have to say these are top notch quality equipment. The design ideas, the obvious progression of design concepts is evident in these gloves. The blocker is the nicest blocker I have owned and I have owned the big name retail equipment. I have not tried it on the ice yet, but it is comfortable, light and really becomes and extension of your arm, rather then a cluncky blocker. I think it will perform very well on the ice. The flexible wrist section is a great concept. First impression of the trapper was, "This is huge". I think with the design of the pocket and overall configuration, it maximizes the glove. Now fit and design. The trapper is great from all angles. The trapper is comfortable, the back of the trapper opens right up for airing it out. The trapper offers a ton of protection. The trapper is also well designed and usable from being able to tighten and adjust.
I am very pleased with my purchase. The quality is great, the price is great and the people are wonderful.
If you are wondering about purchasing Battram equipment, wonder no more. This is good stuff.

Darren Kwasnycia
Scott and Tischa,

I am amazed at what a magnificent company the two of you run. I had been in the market for new pads and gloves for about a year and there are countless choices available. Battram is by far the best of them all. It was a pleasure to discuss my special sizing needs with the people who would be building my pads. My concerns were met with a sympathetic consideration that seems to be missing in many other companies today. Any and all of questions and emails (and I had many) were answered promptly. The Deceptor pads, Myst blocker, and 5002 are works of art. I honestly am amazed at the quality of the craftsmanship, the stitching, the weight (feather light), are all top notch and beyond my already high expectations. Also, for the price concious college-student (which I am), I found your products to be a steal. I don't understand why anyone would go for big brand equipment that costs twice as much and is half the quality. For a wonderfully affordable price I was able to receive an amazingly high-quality, beautifully custom designed set of equipment that I look forward to using for many years to come. I intend on recommending your company to every goalie I know. I wish you continued success. Many thanks from an impressed and very satisfied customer.

Eamon Poller.
New Nersey, US
Scott and Tischa,

I would like to thank you for your wonderful customer service and assistance in both the selecting and delivery of a world class product. I have had my Deceptor Combo set for four months now and think it was a great choice. I have received many comments on not only the looks themselves, but how they look like they are quality made. Myself, after using them I agree that the quality is second to none. Thanks again for putting together a great and affordable product.

Ron Zadrozny
Groton, MA
Scott, Tischa,

Received my "custom combo" Wednesday. Well...its looks "AMAZING" What a job...The design jumps out. Tischa...hats off. The attention to detail in the pads is outstanding. The leg channel and knee stack is extremley supportive. Since I had a little knee procedure done 2 years ago, I've become very aware of how important that is.
The most incredible thing of all is how you are able to do all of this through email and phone. The sizing is spot on. Just as it was when I ordered my first piece from you.(chest protector) 
The protection along the thumb of the blocker is so much better than my top of the line "name brand" one. 
If anyone is looking for new goal equipment, look no further and TRUST Battram Equipment. They really know their business. 

Banff AB

Just wanted to let you know that the pads you made for me fit like a glove,feel respond great. I am very pleased with the service, quality, and correspondence, that you, your wife, and company provided me. What a pleasant experience! I appreciate all you have done and will recommend you to all my goalie friends,my nephew recently bought a set of Vaughn pads and wore my Battram's at practice the other night and said if he knew of your company prior to his purchase he would have bought a set from you, but the good new is that he's still growing and will need a set next year so I got you another sale, you just have to wait till the 2005/2006 season. 

Again Thanks for all you work and effort.

Ron Roehr (Detroit)
Hi, Scott & Tischa:

Add my name to the satisfied list of customers! 

The Deceptors are light-years ahead of my former pads; light, comfortable, responsive, and flat to the ice in butterfly. I've played for a few weeks to get acclimatised, with virtually no break-in period, and appreciate the degree of adjustability the strapping, knee cradle and thighboard allow me. The lighter pad permits very quick lateral movement, and I find (ironically!) I'm playing stand-up more since I'm square to the shooter earlier.

The XLP catcher feels like it's designed to snag watermelons! I've got a steadier hand and don't have to resort to theatrics for those high glove-side shots. Appreciate the easy wrist adjustments and the wide-open back; the drying time is cut in half.

The workmanship is superb, really. Amazed when I first opened the box, and each time I use them I notice more nice touches. All the credit in the world to the people in your firm working on the equipment. I've been stopped a number of times by other goalies (and their parents!), to get a close look and admire the gear.

Thanks again, and you can certainly expect some referral business from goalies in our league! 

Kevin B. Barrett
Toronto ON

Alex has received his Deceptor pads and 5000 series gloves. He tried out for summer hockey without an opportunity to test them out first, but did not make the final cut. He got called this weekend to fill in for an absent goalie. This would be his first game in his new equipment. He played well and they won the game. He was not even undressed when a coach came into the room and asked him to play a game for him. His goalie did not show up. Alex is a first year Bantam. This was for a Midget AA team. He played well again, and they won.

He asked me to E-mail you and tell you that he is extremely happy with your gear. He has knee problems. Your gear has greatly minimized his knee pain. He loves the way that the equipment feels and works. It is light, protective and he calls it smart. By that he means that rebound control is awesome. After we got your delivery we went to our nearest goalie loft where they carry all the big name brands. We looked and compared. Battram equipment is every bit as good as anything there, and in some ways better. Again, Alex is very happy with our choice of Battram goal equipment, and he wants to thank you for making it for him.

John Jacobsen
I would just like to inform you that the pads arrived on Tuesday.

I am simply blown away by the graphics, weight, and quality of the pads. They are about 2 inches taller than my 33 inch X-Hale pads, so I think it will take a couple of games to get used to them. For 12 inch (wide) pads, they look very wide.

I posted a pic of my pads on the GEW message board. Everyone loved the graphics and design of the Deceptors. Don Si***ns deleted my post- I guess they just couldn't stand another small business getting such positive feedback.

Once again, thanks for the great service. I will email you my review of the pads (I'll be posting it on CIVIL Goalies and three other goalie message boards).

Thank you so much you did a fantastic job on the set. There are the highest quality pads I could ever imagine. The glove is almost broke in and I have only had it for 2 days.

Thanks again!

The Deceptors are amazing. The first skate I had to get used to the added size since my old Fusions were a little small for me. By the second skate it felt like the new pads were part of my leg. They rotate nicely, block well and are as light as air. Rebound control hasn't been a problem and once I removed one knee lift the butterfly is the most comfortable its ever been. I'm playing weekly with pros and Junior A and B players and I'll tell you the added confidence the pads and new C/A give me really help. I'm bigger in the net then I've ever been and actually feel MORE mobile. Thanks again for making the pads and C/A for me. I get lots of comments on the new gear and it plays as good as it looks. I'll recommend your stuff to anyone.


Brad Fludder
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