Goal Pads: Retribution Pads

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2012-2013 Retribution Pads Features
  • 2012-2013 Model
  • Updated Design blending features from our ever popular Rage and Vengeance pads
  • Newly designed internal foam core for reduced weight
  • Solid foam gusset foams to create a pad that is light and also more responsive as well as durable
  • Redesigned knee lift system, solid block and thinned out knee cradle to aid in getting leg to ice faster
  • Knee system features Velcro fastening to make for the most solid landing pad on any Battram pad
  • Internal calf lift to help pad sit perpendicular to the ice while in butterfly and reduce stress on goaltenders knees and hips
  • Customizable moveable strapping to create the perfect fit offering many options
  • Standard strap setup is 4 nylon for reduced weight and one leather boot strap (all leather or a mix is available)
  • Vertical roll options: Solid square, solid triangular, 1 break square, 2 break square
    My preferred vertical roll option is 1 break square
  • Internal breaks at the knee for solid and 1 break option, dual breaks added for 2 break option
  • Use of hd-115 foams in calf wings and knee wings and internal core
  • Use of ld-45 foams through the entire pad
  • Jenpro construction with cordura and 420d nylons
  • Available with optional thigh guard or thigh board
  • Sliding toe bridge is stock
  • Custom embroidery option available
  • All Battram products carry a limited lifetime warranty and are built to the highest of standards by a team of 2 people in Curries Ontario Canada including Scott Battram himself
  • Weight approx 4.4 lbs at 34" weight will vary based on sizing, mods and graphics.
Price & Sizing
Model: Retribution SNR
Sizes: 29 - 38 Available in plus sizing
Price: $1300.00 CAD - Convert to USD
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Model: Retribution COMBO (Pads and Gloves
Sizes: 29 - 38 Available in plus sizing
Price: $1995.00 CAD - Convert to USD
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